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Elegant Dining & Culinary Space: Luxury Kitchen Remodel & Floor Tile Installation in Thousand Oaks

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Elegant Dining & Culinary Space: Luxury Kitchen Remodel & Floor Tile Installation in Thousand Oaks


Thousand Oaks


Pat Lyon

Service Request:

Pat Lyon envisioned a lavish kitchen makeover, requesting the installation of large floor tiles to exude opulence. The client desired a kitchen renovation featuring new cabinets and an expansive island with seating for a blend of function and style.

Our Solution:

At Drywall Repair & Remodeling Simi Valley, we took Pat Lyon's vision of luxury and turned it into a reality. Our team executed a top-tier kitchen remodeling project by installing elegant new cabinets that seamlessly merged form and function. The centerpiece of the remodel, a spacious kitchen island adorned with chic chairs, became a perfect focal point for culinary delights and gatherings.

To complement the opulent kitchen, we meticulously installed large floor tiles that added a touch of grandeur to the dining room and kitchen area. Our commitment to detail and luxury design ensured that Pat Lyon's Thousand Oaks space radiated elegance.

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