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Free estimates on custom-built outdoor heating features for the Simi Valley area.

Fire Pits & Outdoor Heating

Outdoor Heating Ideas In Simi Valley

Outdoor heating takes on plenty of forms. A fire pit table that you can sit, cook, and eat around is one option. A patio fireplace with an outdoor parlor built around it is another. Everything from electrical radiators to wood fire pits is considered a type of outdoor heating. In addition to keeping you warm outside, these features can provide cooking and entertaining utility. You can get your Simi Valley patio or decking upgraded with custom-built outdoor heating features you like. Read on for some outdoor fireplace ideas, and to learn more about different types of fire pits and hearths.

Why Add Outdoor Heating?

Everyone loves barbecue (well, rhetorically speaking; there’s probably someone out there somewhere who doesn’t). A wood fire pit lets you cook more food with less setup than a collapsible grill. A propane fire pit lets you do it even faster, even when it’s wet outside. Make it a fire pit table, and you can do much more complex cooking or even eat around your pit! A Simi Valley patio fireplace, with some chairs and benches in front of it, gives you an extra, open-air living room. Keeping a wood fire burning when its damp out can be a bit of a hassle, but that’s what outdoor gas fireplaces are for! Outdoor heating features like these are a pleasant outdoor activity on top of all their other uses.

Wood And Propane Fire Pits

Wood or gas? That’s the question you need to ask when installing a fire pit or fireplace. Wood-based fire pits have an aesthetic value that nothing else quite manages. Watching logs or charcoal burn under your wood fire pit’s grill is satisfying, and sitting around a fire and smelling the smoke is a great experience. On the other hand, propane fire pits are more dependable and require less work. There’s no wood to haul around or ashes to clear away with a propane fire pit in your Simi Valley backyard. You also don’t need to worry about a propane fire pit’s fuel supply getting damp. On the other hand, a wood fire pit is less expensive to maintain, and a gas pipe or tank has safety requirements. Talk to some professionals about safe, ergonomic supply lines before getting an outdoor gas fireplace or propane fire pit.

Outdoor Fireplaces For Simi Valley Decks And Patios

The two issues with outdoor fireplaces are shelter and fuel supply. If you’re installing a patio fireplace under a covered roof, then the shelter issue is a smaller one. If you already have a gas tank for internal house use, a well-positioned outdoor gas fireplace can use the same supply. Of course, if you’re getting a wood-burning patio fireplace, you’ll also need to think about smoke venting and chimneys. There’s also aesthetics to consider. Brick, concrete, and stone outdoor fireplaces are all possible. Which would work best for your property? Remember, our local remodeling contractors can help you find the answers with a free in-person estimate. Our experts on outdoor heating have helped many properties upgrade their backyard patios and decks this way. Outdoor fireplaces, after all, also add to the hardscape décor of the space. You get aesthetics and utility together.

Free Estimates From Local Outdoor Heating Contractors

There’s no end to good outdoor fireplace ideas and fire pit designs. To help you pick out the best options and put them into practice, you can consult with our professionals! Our team provides free estimates for outdoor heating, fire pits, and other landscaping features throughout Simi Valley and nearby. Tell us what aesthetics you like for your deck or patio area, and we can design an outdoor heating feature together. From beautiful paver outdoor fireplaces to all sorts of brick fire pit tables and more. You’ve got a tremendous selection of options. So schedule your consultation appointment today to learn more!


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