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About Us

About Us

We have great experience with drywalls and among other drywall companies in California, we are distinguished for our ability to repair water damage effectively, deal with all problems properly and be there fully equipped when you need expert drywall repair services.

Address: Chandler Ave
Simi Valley, California
Zip code: 93065
Phone: 805-769-9090

Hours of Operation:

We accept cash, credit cards, and checks.
Everyone can rely on our company for broken tile repair, acoustic ceiling removal, wall covering, and drywall patch repair and texturing

Drywall Repair Simi Valley” is a company you can rely on today, tomorrow and in the future. Your present needs and future demands are covered thoroughly by contractors with great drywall experience and technical knowhow. Wouldn't you feel more relieved by knowing that drywall issues can be fixed accurately and properly by technicians, who know their job well? That's who we are! Knowledgeable technicians who can help you with cracked walls, wet ceilings and broken tiles.

We are specialists in tile repair as well. Do you want new ceramic tiles for the kitchen floor? We are excellent and well-trained installers! We use exceptional techniques and make sure grout is installed properly. Do you want perfection in both tile and drywall services? We are the ones you should trust!

Call us at: 805-769-9090

Trust us for our expertise and accuracy

Drywall defects can cause problems. Not only aesthetical ones but also in terms of your home's stability. We want safe customers and are here to provide drywall repair at your convenience. Our teams are present to tile issues and can assure you that everything is taken care of with efficiency. Our company is reliable not only for the quality of its services but also for the quality of its team.

See how you can benefit from Drywall Repair Simi Valley:

* We have competitive prices and still offer high quality services

* We give attention to details, external factors and official regulations about the safety of the structure

* We make home drywall addition blueprints and have experienced draftsmen

* We make sure tiles are installed and replaced perfectly

* We make sure drywalls are cut, fastened, taped and coated properly

* We use ecofriendly paintings

Not only do we provide services with attention but also make sure your floors are covered when we remove ceilings and paints, wall covering is done with precision, emphasis is given to the aesthetic part of your home and ceilings are hanged perfectly. We excel in texturing, exterior painting, interior wall coverings, installation of various types of tiles and cosmetic finishes. Our techniques will definitely meet your high aesthetics and standards, and you can be sure that all members of our team are completely reliable. Do you have more questions? Don't hesitate to ask!

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